Diva of the Month


Who are you?Age/Occupation: My name is Anna Arriola, I’m 56 years old, I’m married for 37 years to great man Miguel, he is my best friend, I have a son Miguel (32) and a daughter Jessica (29) …they are my pride and joy!  Soon I will be a grandmother twice this year …I can’t wait to hold my grandsons!

I’m a Quality Control Administrator for CoScentrix, we make home fragrance products like candles, diffusers, potpourri and more! I’m bless to work for a great company with great supportive friends.

Favorite Quote: “Impossible is Nothing”

Favorite Athlete:  My own coach “Kelly M. Clancy” She is amazing! Kelly competed 10 Ironman distance races and a race called Ultraman.  Ultraman is an invite only event-they invite about 35 athletes from around the world to compete in a 3 day stage race on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kelly was one of about 5 women that were invited to participate in the event.  Day one includes a 6.2-mile rough water swim, followed by a 95-mile bike ride. Day two is a 175-mile bike ride around the Big Island and the final day is a double marathon run of 52.4 miles through the lava fields. WOW!!!

Favorite Healthy Food:  Juice with beets, carrots, green apple, celery, pineapple, parsley, spinach, I call it “Vampire”

Favorite Indulgent Food: Tacos de Carne Asada with salsa and guacamole – yummy!

Are you training for your first triathlon? If not, which ones have you done

My first reverse triathlon was at Race at the Base last February (run 5K, bike 13 miles, swim 200 meters), I did not know how to swim, I learned enough to swim about 15-20 meters, rest, breath and go.  I was so proud and happy that I finished.  Now I’m training to do Sprint triathlon in Santa Barbara (in the ocean) in August. I’m also doing the TRI-Carson on November 4th with Team Omar, for this event so far I raised $1,250.00 for “Train 4 Autism”.

What inspires you to do triathlons? The challenges.  The causes. Never (not even in a wildest dream) I thought about doing a “Marathon” …so far I completed 4 marathons with Team in Training for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and my awesome friends “THE MISFITS” – a running and walking group in Long Beach. Now I have new challenges and new causes.

Who inspires you? My Mom (RIP) she did her first 5K at age 80.  My beautiful family, my awesome brothers and sisters, and all my friends.

What is your biggest challenge/fear?  My biggest challenge is to learn how to swim.  My biggest fear is swimming in the ocean. 
I’m confident that I will beat both the challenge and the fear.  I’m not alone I have the help of my beautiful coach Kelly and an army of great family and friends.A special and heartfelt “THANKS” to Jessica, Nora, Rachel, Kelly, Susan and Frank for your time and patience taking me to the pool and ocean and teaching me all about swimming, for making me believe that I can do it and for taking good care of me out there.

Any advice for future Tridivas?Come on and join us! …you will have a great time, you will love our group and you will accomplish your goals.

What do you enjoy most about training with the Tridivas? All – the friendship, the fun, the challenge, the rewards.  I always learn something, we have clinics about nutrition, injury prevention, mind preparation, biking, running, swimming …I used to depend on my husband to change a tire, now I can do it myself (if I want to).

What are your future goals?Stay with Tri-Divas so I can get healthier, better and stronger. Since March when I joined Tri-Divas I lost about 6 pounds, my goal is to lose 6 more by the end of this year.


Tell us one dirty little secret about yourself?I love to have beer with my tacos …cheers!