Race Day Tips and Etiquette

A word about Spectator etiquette:
Remember that spectators are NOT allowed into the transition area with you, this area is reserved for those athletes who are racing. The transition area is the best place for spectators to be as this is where they will get to see you coming in from the swim, exiting on the bike, returning from the bike, leaving for the run and crossing the finish line. You may want to give an estimation to your spectators as to how long you anticipate each event taking you so they can wait with ready cameras near the transition area.

Transition area:
Remember to take only a small space on the bike racks to set up your things in order to accommodate the other racers who will show up later than you on race morning. As you exit and enter the transition area on your bike and for the run, make sure you look around you as you leave your area and make sure that you will not collide with another racer as you are heading out. Also, remember where your spot is.

Pre-Race Checklist-
Don’t forget to use your pre race checklist as you are packing up your gear for the race. You will have a lot of things to bring with you and there is nothing worse than arriving to the race site and realizing you forgot your helmet or goggles. Pack well in advance of when you are leaving for the race, go over your checklist twice.

Yes. You want to eat breakfast before the race. Eat what you normally have for a breakfast meal, maybe a smaller portion. Make sure to eat well in advance of the race, especially if you tend to have a hard time digesting food when you are training and working out. Eat a dinner the night before higher in carbohydrates and make sure you consume water throughout the day. For every 15 minutes of racing, you should be ingesting 3-6 ounces of water/sports drink. If you intend to finish the race in under an hour, you will not need to eat anything additional during the race, but anything over an hour you should plan on taking in some additional calories in the form of a bar or gel. Typically one every 35-45 minutes is recommended.