TriDiva of the Month

Who are you?Age/Occupation:
My name is Renee Burlin, I am forty six years old married to an amazing husband with two beautiful daughters.  I live and work as a dental hygienist in Long Beach.

Favorite Quote:
” It’s better to give than receive.”  Well, most of the time!

Favorite Athlete:

 Lance Armstrong
Favorite Healthy Food:
Oatmeal with the works and any vegetable grilled with olive oil and lemon. Yum!

Favorite Indulgent Food:

Ribs, fried chicken and sweet tea. Southern girl by heart! Also, anything with bacon!Pet Peeves:

Parking my minivan and finding a spot to park it in Long Beach and remembering to move it before the street sweeper comes by!Top five IPOD selections:

 Rufus Wainwright, Jeff Buckley, Queen, dance music and country too! :)
Are you training for your first triathlon? If not, which ones have you done?
 Just finished my first triathlon, CSLB reverse tri.  Was exciting and more difficult than I imagined, only took me four hours to recoup from the couch after that.  Kelly has assured me it only gets easier!
What inspires you to do triathlons?
 To look like a triathlete and get in shape!  Everyone and anyone that has done a triathlon and or is training for one inspires me! I am so amazed by the enthusiasm it draws to people and how they feel about themselves after.
Who inspires you?
 My family inspires me! My husband is my biggest fan! He is always bragging to everyone how good I am even if I’m not.  He tells everyone I had a room full of trophies when I was younger when I was a competitive swimmer and water polo player.  I owe that to my parents and sister who pushed me to never give up!  My husband inspires me with his contagious passion for biking and it’s motivating to see so many people on their bikes in Long Beach.  My daughters inspire me to stay healthy so I can keep up with them and I enjoy setting the example for them to take on a challenge.  My daughter Hanna just finished her first kids triathlon at age eight!  She loves being a diva!  I’m sure my younger daughter Scarlett is to follow.  Lastly, my mother who adopted me and is ninety five years old and can’t walk anymore also inspires me!  I run for her!
What is your biggest challenge/fear?
Running is my biggest challenge. One foot at a time!  I also need to master making it up the hills with my bike.  Walking my bike up the hill was a little embarrassing! 

Any advice for future Tridivas?
 Kelly Clancy is an amazing coach! I am so happy that I joined Tridivas! I watched the divas online for about a year before I committed and I’m sorry I wasted so much time. She will help you with encouragement and excitement!  She is inspiring when you hear her accomplishments through this sport and the sense of fashion she develops for women’s tri wear I enjoy!
What do you enjoy most about training with the Tridivas?
I enjoy getting together with others to set challenges and encourage one other.
What are your future goals?
To complete a sprint distance triathlon with my daughter and to eventually accomplish an iron man.
Tell us one dirty little secret about yourself?
I like watching Nurse Jackie and Dexter, probably something not to be proud of!