Diva of the Month Nora Reyes

Who are you?/Age/Occupation:

My name is Nora Xiomara Reyes, I am 47 years old, and I work as a Secretary in the Special Education field. I am divorced, and I have two children a girl Stacy and a boy Omar. I am very outgoing and enthusiastic, I enjoy and appreciate life.

Favorite Quote:

“Choose what is right, not what is easy.”
Favorite Athlete:

Magic Johnson

Favorite Healthy Food:

Chicken Vegetable soup

Favorite Indulgent Food:

Pet Peeves:

Bossy people.

Top five IPOD selections:

I don’t own an IPOD, but I love all kind of music.

Are you training for your first triathlon? If not, which ones have you done?

I’ve done two Sprint TRIs, Race on the Base and Cal. State Long Beach.

What inspires you to do triathlons?

The fact that you get to train in three different sports, to me that is a good variety, it keeps me busy, and motivated, I also try to add some Yoga and strength training so I really don’t have enough days of the week to train because I follow the plan and try to rest at two days a week :-)

Who inspires you?

A teacher from work, Linda Campbell, she does Iron Mans, and she is always active, and with a lot of energy. She contagious me with her enthusiasm, she has been by my side encouraging me since I started losing weight, over 70 pounds in last past three years, she is always so supportive and not just to me but to many other people, she is just fantastic.

What is your biggest challenge/fear?

My biggest challenge is Running. I want to improve my running more than anything else.

Any advice for future Tridivas?

Joining this club is a great idea because the commitment of training keeps you motivated and responsible.

What do you enjoy most about training with the Tridivas?

Training with this group makes me feel that I have to be accountable, and show up to the training, and once at the practice is fun to get to know other girls that enjoy the same sports that I do.

What are your future goals?

My goals in this sport is to do an Olympic TRI, and to run a Half marathon, not in the same day :-)

Tell us one dirty little secret about yourself?

I am looking for a boyfriend a tall, handsome, sweet guy, and very rich if it’s possible. ;-)