Kelly M. Clancy

Coach and Owner of the TriDivas

• 10 time Ironman Competitor
• 2 Time Ultraman Competitor
• 2005 Team USA Member
• USAT Level 2 Coach
• USATF Coach
• 22 year of triathlon experience
• USAT Womens Commission



Moving to CA from New Jersey in 1990, Kelly quickly became a constant fixture in the sport of triathlon after becoming hooked on her first sprint triathlon.  A long history of running, (she started at age 9!) Kelly quickly picked up the two other disciplines of the sport and has gone on to become a trailblazer in this still new sport of triathlon.  Kelly has competed in over 100 triathlons, 10 Ironman distance races, raced for the USA at the Long Course World Championships in Denmark in 2005 and has competed in 2 Ultraman stage races.  The Ultraman is a 3 days stage race consisting of: Day #1: 6.2 mile swim, 94 mile bike ride, Day #2: 174 mile bike ride and Day #3: 52.4 mile run.

For over 20 years, Kelly has been encouraging women to get involved in the sport of triathlon and has coached over 2800 athletes to achieve their athletic goals, from sprint triathlons, 10k’s  and marathons and Ironman. Self employed as a personal trainer at the time, Kelly started TriDivas  with

the mission to encourage, empower and educate women in this fast growing sport and has coached over 1400 athletes through it’s weekly triathlon programs, camps, clinics and online coaching services. The TriDivas have also offered programs in Orange County, LA, Santa Barbara, Hawaii, Seattle, NJ, NY, Chicago and Ohio.

The TriDivas® are the longest running women’s triathlon training program and have been seen on LIFETIME® on the reality show DietTribe, where  she Coached 5 friends  training for their first triathlon.  Kelly has also sponsored several kids triathlon, encouraging a new generation of triathletes.  A USAT Level 2 Coach, she has also served on the USAT Women’s Commission and on the Board of Directors for the Santa Barbara Triathlon for 12 years.  Her dedication and commitment to the sport are unparalleled as well as her knowledge of coaching and the sport of triathlon.

In addition to her full time job Coaching and running the TriDivas® business, she is also an artist and designer and has designed all of the apparel over the years for the TriDiva® brand. Her mission in her apparel company is to bring stylish, expertly designed clothing that is functional and fun to wear, flattering and appropriately sized to  the average women. Kelly recently made it to the final casting round for ABC’s popular show Shark Tank® to pitch her apparel line.