Market Savy

Market Savvy Grocery shopping just got simpler. Use our health-conscious guide to navigate through cluttered aisles and get right to the good stuff. Jill Weisenberger, M.S., R.D., C.D.E., is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator for Hampton Roads Center for Clinical Research in Norfolk, Va.Food labels scream out health claims. Store signs boldly shout […]

The Healthy Dish

We love the tastes and smells of restaurant cuisine, but with huge portions loaded with saturated fat and sodium, the menu can be a minefield of unhealthy options. How do you choose between General Tso’s chicken or moo goo gai pan? Pasta with Alfredo sauce or lasagna? While some restaurants identify better-for-you foods on their […]

Climbing Hills on the Bike

Most avid cyclists love to ride the hills. Hill riding is a true test of fitness and a challenge to your mental toughness. The ability to climb hills efficiently will improve your overall strength. As you start to climb a hill, you want to start at a slow and deliberate pace. If the hill is […]

Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Evie Katahdin, ND, MSOM, LAC It is especially important for endurance athletes to adopt a whole foods, varied and healthy diet. Your body is regularly pushed beyond normal limits, and you have high expectations for both strength and speed. Short bursts of energy are easier to come by than the energy required for hours […]

Is Mental Training for Me?

The key to finishing a triathlon is putting in more laps at the pool, more hours in the saddle, and more miles on the road, right? Not entirely. Certainly, athletes have to train hard to perform at their best, and in the case of triathletes, train for not only one but three events: swimming, cycling, […]