Diet Tribe Video#1

Diet Tribe Video #2

A few years ago, we were contacted by the Lifetime TV Network and asked to appear on a reality show, that showcased 5 friends trying to get fit together.  It  focused on the goal of a triathlon.  They trained on camera with their trainer, but also mostly behind the scenes with TriDivas.

Investment Pitch#2

As many of you know, I have been trying to pitch my apparel ideas to some big industry players. This was my most recent pitch submitted for a round of funding.

The Athlete.

Finish with Champagne

I’ve been blessed with many things and my athleticism is at the top of the list. My Father was thrilled that his second child was a girl, but he certainly taught me how to not throw like one. In the 1960’s, my Father was offered a pitching position with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He instead made […]

An Artist with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Glamour shot with hat

“I’ve been two things for certain all of my life.  An Artist and an Athlete.  My life and all of the moments in it have in some way been defined  by Art or Sports.”  -Kelly M. Clancy According to my Mother, my artistic talent became evident around the tender  age of  4. I really have little […]